• November 19th, 2018
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Substance vs Gabrish

There are too many songs with suspect content flooding the market. Shockingly, the veterans of the industry are copying the new, young and in many cases clueless musicians with the content. It’s like driving to school one morning to drop off your kids while listening to BASE FM and you hear Treza Cooper playing a song by Axue titled "We got booty...Eto".

It will be awkward and weird at the same time. Award because now you need to keep a still face with your five year old asking "Tate, obooty oshike?". Weird because you know the calibre of Axue being that of a revolutionary musician who addresses the plight of the people through art.

If it is not some up-coming Hip Hop oak talking about how he spends cash that he does not have, then it’s always some Kwaito from Oshakati East who scares the living heck out of Abuti Den Den with talk of "loxion".

It is not limited to cash and loxion mense.

a) Booty

b) Cars

c) Studio

d) My boys

e) Smokes (weed)

You get label bosses that will preach the gospel of "adapt to the times". Yes, adapt to the times but keep your foundation. Big Ben recently released a House project "Mud House Project" where he tried his hand at House. All the songs are brilliant. Not once will you hear him speak of weed, studio, my boys, cars, booty, cash and loxion in that said project.

So if he and others who for the sake of space that I cannot credit did it, what is stopping you from talking about issues facing the ordinary man on the street while "adapting" to the times?

Here is an idea. Googly: "Namibia Public Holidays 2015". 2015 because we might have a 12 May Movement public holiday mos of hoe SPYL?

Do research on each day and write a song after them. Today radio presenters are playing "These Ho*s ain't loyal" on Cassinga Day. How may it be wrong but do you blame them? A radio show usually lasts three hours. Do we have enough Namibian songs commemorating Cassinga Day?

I challenge each musician that is working on their next piece of art to challenge themselves by creating content in celebration and recognition of some of our important days. It’s because of the lack of artistic expression by today's top musicians on social issues and Namibian affairs that the youth is disjointed from the political process of the country.

Let’s have a few rappers make songs after Heroes Day (August 26). Let us have a couple of Kwaitos create art celebrating Human Rights Day (December 10).  All in good faith #TaffyRawVoice

Until the next loop, we say “GMTM”!

Song of the week: Jeanious Music: Big Picture

Flop of the week:  Vilux: Twa Telela ft. Kinzzo

NSK is an award-winning entertainer. Notable accolades are: a) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best New Comer Presenter of the year, b) UNAM RADIO 2011: Best Presenter of the year, c) NAMA's 2014: Nominee for Entertainment DJ of the year and d) ENERGY100FM 2014: Best Presenter of the year.

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