• November 14th, 2018
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The Feedback


Every Tuesday New Era publishes The Feedback – comprising responses from government ministries, offices and agencies on a variety of issues raised by the public in the media. This platform is aimed at enhancing communication between the government and its citizens, especially on matters of service delivery.

Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service

Query: Minister of youth, I want to know why the students should go for training at Berg Aukas while there’s no future or hope of getting a job after they graduate. What must we do now? Let the Berg Aukas youth centre be like other educational institutions.

Response: The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service has four main youth skills training centres, namely, Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre in Otjozondjupa Region, Kai//ganaxab Youth Skills Training Centre in Hardap, Frans Dimbare Youth Skills Training Centre in Kavango East and Okahao Youth Skills Training Centre in Omusati Region.

The aim of these training centres is to impart skills to out-of-school and unemployed young people who do not meet the basic entry requirements of conventional vocational training centres.

Young people enrolled at Berg Aukas Youth Skills Training Centre are trained in trades such as carpentry and joinery, agronomy, horticulture, nutrition and food processing, tailoring, design and dressmaking, cosmetology and hairdressing, tie-dye, and textile designed technology to become self-reliant and create employment for themselves and other young people using the newly acquired skills.

The Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service is aware that its youth skills training centres’ trades are not accredited, however, it was never the intention, given that the young people that attend these courses do not meet the entry requirements for conventional vocational training centres. Thus, the ministry attempts to ensure that although not meeting requirements, the youth can still learn a trade and make a living by becoming self-reliant and productive citizens. Aina Shikesho, Chief Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, Email address: ashikesho@mynssc.gov.na

Veterans Affairs

Query: What are the procedures when applying for the individual veterans’ projects?

Response: A veteran applies by completing a VA8 form which is to be accompanied by a business plan, quotations, national identity document (ID), veteran’s approval letter, marriage certificate (if there is any), proof of current earning from employment (pay slip) and if self-employed a bank statement is required.

There is a Veterans Board that approves the individual veteran’s project based on the recommendations of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), which consists of a technical/expert team from different sectors of economic areas. Before consideration from the Veterans Board, ministry officials carry out an assessment of the individual veteran’s project based on the market, income/expenditure, capacity and resources. Thereafter, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs (now Directorate of Veterans Affairs) then recommends the individual veteran’s project applications to the Project Advisory Committee, which lastly recommends approval to the Veterans Board. Nickey-Iyambo

Query: How long does it take before the individual veteran’s project application is approved?

Response: The period from application to approval depends on the number of applications received and the availability of funds for the project.

However once the approval is granted and funds are available for that particular project the veteran is informed of the approval status of their project.

The veteran should then acquire the latest pro-forma invoices for all goods/services required for their project and submit them at any nearest veterans affairs regional office.

The regional offices (including Khomas Region) submit the pro-forma invoices to the head office at the Directorate Planning and Development for processing of a purchase order. Once the purchase order is ready, the veteran is informed and is required to submit it to their respective suppliers themselves.

The supplier/service provider will be required to carry out the services or supply the goods as indicated on the purchase order and copy their pro-forma invoice. Edson Haufiku, Senior Public Relations Officer, directorate of Veterans Affairs, E-mail address: ehaufiku@mova.gov.na

• These issues were raised by the public with specific ministries/directorates and in The Namibian’s SMS section.

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