• September 20th, 2018
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Trey Songz’ concert, a never forget gig

Time Out
Time Out

For those of you who believe RnB artist or music cannot hold a crowd, take note that you are wrong.

Last Saturday’s Trey Songz Concert was a high-spirited display of how locals appreciate good music. The turnout was without doubt ???? and the  night one filled with a musical movement stimulating eyes and ears. Sensual R&B singer, Trey, attested that talent combined with charm and a remarkable personality can enliven a crowd. When Trey performed some of his biggest hits, including Slow Motion and Can’t Help but Wait, ladies joined in singing uttering at the top of their lungs practically every lyric. Flourishing Trey moment was when he performed his new single  About You for the first time at the show.Honouring Namibian designers, Trey performed in a shirt with the Namibian flag, made for him by local designer, Leah Manasee.

The first two opening acts RnB singers, Lil D and Kalux, delivered great performances, proving that even newbies can hold a large crowd. The singing was classic with the singers  really hitting some crazy notes. The audience was very generous in honouring, when Legendary South African Afro-fusion band, Stimela hit the stage energetically. The band’s performance and sound engineering was so good, if you recorded directly off the soundboard, burned it to the CD and give it to someone to play, they would think it was a studio recording. Yes, it was that good.

Fans met the concert with mixed reactions. Many were dissatisfied with the organising committee and ill treatment while others were dazed by the performances. “I felt unappreciated as a fan, a customer and as a human being because of the ill treatment dished out by MTC crew. Some of the crew members were even drunk and blocking us, the treatment was unpleasant,” says a furious fan in a standing section for which tickets  sold for N$400.

Priya Vilho, a VIP ticket holder, shares her distress regarding the  organisers, especially for not keeping their promise of providing special treatment for their VIP ticket holders.

“I’m sure everybody who paid for a VIP ticket is fuming and disappointed. I did not experience the VIP treatment we paid for. We couldn’t see the artist’s performing because we were sitting just so far from the stage and I’m sure people who paid N$150 had a better view. It was substandard,” she complains.

While some speak about their disappointments others saw no errors. “I had so much fun. It’s the best show I’ve attended in Namibia so far. The production was on point, I was really impressed and most of all, there were no fights and security was tight,” says Imelda Balzer. Sharon Cloete adds that “my N$800 was worth it. Not only did I have a blast, I also had the time of my life. Thank you MTC, we will never forget this day.”

Local Kwaito artist, Gazza, made a solid performance and managed to get fans screaming at his charming dance moves with songs like Shuna and My Boeta while Oteya melt hearts when she serenaded fans with tunes such as Love Dance and Ethimbo. After the show, fans were clamouring to take pictures of Trey, but his burly bodyguards wouldn’t let them get close. Fans were given a gig, many will never forget.

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