• November 19th, 2018
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Every Tuesday New Era publishes The Feedback – comprising responses from government ministries, offices and agencies on a variety of issues raised by the public in the media. This platform is aimed at enhancing communication between the government and its citizens, especially on matters of service delivery. Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation: Subject: “Workers denounce fatal building collapses at Outapi” (Namibian Sun, 4 June 2015) The Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation acknowledges the seriousness of such cases and has already acted within its mandate by dispatching Labour Inspectors to carry out investigations and compile reports in both incidents for the Office of the Prosecutor General. Contact person: Maria N. Hedimbi, Chief Public Relations Officer Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Email address: mhedimbi@mol.gov.na Ministry of Information and Communication Technology: Query: How significant is the 9th Digital Broadcasting Migration Forum that will be taking place on  21-26 June 2015 and how are all the SADC countries going to benefit from this forum?  The 9th SADC Digital Broadcasting Migration Forum will provide opportunities for member states to share their individual experiences on the migration and learn from experts from the region and beyond on various important topics on DTT broadcasting migration, such as analogue switch-off strategies and digital platform operating models, funding models presentation and development of local content, consumer awareness campaigns and planning for post-digital migration. Query: What are the delegates at the SADC Communications ICT & Postal Ministers’ meeting going to discuss?  The SADC Communications ICT & Postal Ministers’ meeting shall consider among others, the status of implementation of the SADC roadmap on digital broadcasting migration, update on the implementation of the SADC Home and Away Roaming (SHAR) project, setting of the proposed SADC Regional Internet Exchange Points (RIXPs), update on the preparations for the WRC-15, Open Access and frequency spectrum guidelines and management. Contact: Media Liaison Services, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Email address: wilson.shikoto@mict.gov.na *These are responses to issues raised in Namibian Sun as well as directly with the ICT ministry. 
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2015-06-09 12:38:00 3 years ago

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