• November 19th, 2018
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I am an African Child

Youth Corner, m
Youth Corner, m

by Henry Shekuza

Full of love, faith and pride

we all want to experience the beauty

of being an African child

We want our rights not only to be noticed but as well considered

I am an African child

But do I deserve to be slaved

at such an early age, living under authority of someone as old as my parents or yet grandparents.

Being forced or seduced to be sexually active by older men or women who I’m supposed to look up to.

  I am an African child

But yet I carry another child in me destroying the beauty of being a child

  I am an African child

All that I desire is for child marriage, interactional and intergenerational as well as teenage pregnancy not to exist in my life as a child, I refuse to be for sale but live my life like a fairy tale.

New Era Reporter
2015-06-17 11:08:00 3 years ago

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