• November 16th, 2018
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Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions. Shew! Such big words! To what extent do we breathe meaning into this definition in Namibia? Let’s talk Events in Namibia.

There are a few key questions revellers ask before attempting to attend an event. E.M’s (Events Managers…gosh keep up mense) please note. These questions are:



Quality of performers

E.M’s need to make it their business to create a safe environment for party goers. The question of safety can never be understated. Why do I need to hide my phone in my socks for the better part of the night? Events have become a paradise haven for Tsotsies. E.M’s have failed miserably in being proactive in making provision for safety.

Go ahead; dismiss my concern for adequate parking until you get parked in at an event that seemingly has about a 100 cars parked all over the place! Parking should be prioritised in assessing venues for events. E.M’s cannot by pass the law of logic by organising events that target a 1000 people but venue only has five visible parking bays of which two are cordoned off to the disabled, elderly or authority.

Quality of performers…YAWNS. Ano, can NASCAM not create an ANTI-LIP SYNCING unit that will deal with entertainers that are found wanting? It is absolutely ludicrous to lure me out of the comfort of my Tseiblagte metal ghetto in this bitter cold to witness you fake your organism on stage. Because that’s what it is. FAKING!

Nobody can withstand the fact that entertainment has grown in Namibia. Testimony #PSquareSingingVoice to this is the avalanche of events. Consumers are to choose wisely which events to attend. Musicians such as Gazza, Oteya, The Dogg, Lil D & Tswazis are well on their ponies and doing well in terms of validating value for money.  E.M’s need to work out a strategy that will compel their set line of entertainers to deliver quality performances.

One last thing, I do not want to finish my drink and make it my life’s mission to find a dustbin. Hello! Im Namibian, it’s not in us to litter. Hence, I am begging E.M’s to make provision for refuse solutions. This was fun. Thank you NSK!

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM #NSKVoice

Song of the week: Drey ft. Waka: Top of my game

Flop of the week: Rickie-Rap-King: Take Care

Irene is a retired Events Manager and a frustrated fan.

Twitter: @zealous_hunny14

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