• November 19th, 2018
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Oshakati donates houses to flood victims



Oshakati Town Council has donated 292 residential plots at Ekuku to flood victims.

So far, 104 of the 292 plots have been reserved for people who were relocated from Eemwandi, Sky location as well as Oshoopola.

The remainder will be given to people who applied for residential land from council.

The decision to donate plots to flood victims as well as people who were relocated was passed after a survey that was conducted in 2011.

Those who cannot afford to be relocated to Ekuku will in due time be taken to Onawa, a location behind Okandjengedi, the council said.

“The land has already been fully serviced, the roads are tarred as you can see there are street lights, water and sewerage. But we are aware that there are people who cannot afford and those ones will be relocated to other areas,” said the spokesman of the town council, Jackson Muma.

Muma said the areas where the people were moved from would be fully serviced and developed to benefit the inhabitants of the whole town.

Ekuku has about 2 000 erven, 1 459 of which have already been serviced and ready to be occupied.  The servicing of 541 plots is also in progress on the eastern side of Ekuku.

“As long as there is available serviced land, we can still accommodate more people, especially the first-time buyers in Oshakati,” said Muma.

Muma said the council still encourages the landless masses to apply for land from the council.  According to Jackson, there are about 2 000 erven at Ekuku, 1 800 at Ehenye, 272 at Okaku and 3 000 at Onawa.

He said a plan has already been completed to service 1 800 at Ompumbu.

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