• December 17th, 2018
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Veteran Affairs in the Presidency

Special Focus, Features
Special Focus, Features

Query: Veterans Affairs, when will you give us our answers? After our interviews in 2012 we were told to wait, but it is now 2015. The interviews were conducted in Donkerhoek, Katutura. Is it fair? Year in and year out we hear the board did not sit. When are they going to sit? After five years? Response: Veterans Affairs has finalised the whole process and the ministry has pronounced itself. Those that were interviewed will receive their responses during the course of the 2015/2016 financial year. We regret the extended wait and sympathise with those that have been patiently waiting for their responses. – Edson Haufiku, Senior Public Relations Officer, Veterans Affairs in the Presidency, Email address: Edson.haufiku@mova.gov.na Query: Mr President, please change the law compelling ex-combatants to do projects. To be honest, not all of us are business orientated. How can one opt for a project if one does not have a decent place, even at the village, one can call home? Why can’t we just be given our money and do with it whatever we want? I have seen people who are already busy with projects but they are suffering. Response: Section 36 (1) of the Veterans Act (Act No. 2, 2008) stipulates; “Any registered veteran who wishes to obtain funding for a project must, in the prescribed form and manner, apply for such funding from the fund.” Simply put, the above section indicates that starting a project is an option that every registered veteran can exercise and is not mandatory like the complainant seems to understand. There are mandatory benefits to veterans such as the lump sum and the monthly financial assistance. Projects, therefore are only meant for those that want to engage in business activities aimed at the upliftment of their own living conditions and that of the country’s economy. Furthermore, the word ‘project’ when used within Veterans Affairs, refers to all types of business activities with an economic value that are undertaken by veterans to either generate income or contribute to the improvement of their likelihoods or that of their immediate families as well as contributing to the economic development of Namibia. In ensuring that veterans of the national liberation struggle are not financially suffering on a daily basis, Veterans Affairs, pays out a N$2 200 monthly financial assistance to each qualifying veteran, for the purpose of ensuring that these veterans can afford their daily basic needs. In conclusion, veterans are encouraged to take note of the efforts being made by the Government of the Republic of Namibia through the Veterans Affairs as per its mandate of integrating veterans in the economic and social mainstream of the Namibian economy. We also request veterans to come up with good ideas that can benefit not only themselves, but also their children and families. Those that are not confident enough to run projects due to any reason/s are being invited to approach Veterans Affairs in order to be assisted to acquire the necessary skills aimed at empowering them to become successful business people. - Edson Haufiku, Senior Public Relations Officer, Veterans Affairs in the Presidency, Email address: Edson.haufiku@mova.gov.na
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