• November 19th, 2018
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Accused faces multiple cases

Oshakati Twenty-nine-year old Iita Tobias Joseph is yet to hear his fate for allegedly selling a firearm without a licence. Joseph who hails from Oshakati West was arrested on March 29, 2013. His trial is currently on the roll at the Oshakati Magistrates Court. The matter was postponed to September 16 this year for the continuation of the trial. Joseph also made a brief appearance before Magistrate Helena Ekandjo of the Oshakati Magistrate court a week ago on charges of assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm as well as pointing a firearm at his girlfriend. Joseph was denied bail as the complainant had indicated that she fears for her life once the accused is granted bail. Testifying in court on Tuesday constable Lazarus Shaanika informed the court he was informed to go to a certain garage in Oshakati where Joseph allegedly sold the firearm. He said upon arrival he questioned the buyer where he got the firearm but he initially indicated the firearm was his. When he was questioned where the license of the firearm was the buyer then informed the police officers present that he had bought the firearm from Joseph. Shaanika went on to testify Joseph also failed to present the license when he was questioned. Joseph was further asked to present the money to the police which he informed the police that it was in his bedroom. “One police officer went into the room with him while I remained outside, however, once he was in the room he informed the police that the money was outside,” testified Shaanika. When Joseph returned outside, a body search was conducted but there was no money found in his pockets. He was then informed to remove his shoes when the money was then discovered in his socks. Cross-examining the witness, Joseph repeatedly informed the court that the witness was not telling the truth. According to Joseph he was only found with N$600 in N$200 notes and not an amount between N$700 and N$800 as indicated by the witness. The witness also informed the court the money that was found in Joseph’s possession was marked police money, which had been copied. According to Shaanika the serial numbers on the money found in Joseph’s possession matched serial numbers of money at the police station. However, Joseph disputed that the police took away money that belonged to him, arguing that the police failed to inform him at the scene that the money serial numbers matched serial numbers that were in the police possession. This is despite the fact that the serial number comparison was done in his presence. The trial will continue on September 16 when another witness will be called to testify. Ntelamo Mabuku represented the state while Magistrate Helena Ekandjo presided.
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2015-06-24 10:32:00 3 years ago

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