• November 21st, 2018
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Gang-rape complainant takes stand

Special Focus, Crime and Courts
Special Focus, Crime and Courts

Windhoek The young woman accusing three young men of raping her in a church in Khorixas told the Windhoek High Court in a matter of fact manner what happened to her. The complainant - who may not be identified - told Judge Alfred Siboleka that she, Victum Gomeb, 32, Elvis Gau-Goab and Harry Patrick Bowe and Gomeb’s sister, Benisa Eises were at a club called “Hot Spot” together. She said they imbibed on Draught Beer and Brandy. “After dancing for a while I went to sit down and drank some Brandy from the lid of the bottle and washed it down with beer and accused 1 came to sit next to me,” the complainant told the High Court. She said Gomeb then grabbed her on her left arm. “I asked Benisa to tell her brother to stop, which she did,” the woman said. After that she told Benisa she wanted to go and relieve herself and since the place where they were had no toilet facilities she went to an opening at the back. “After I finished and was busy pulling up my pants accused 1 came to me, grabbed me and pulled me to the church,” she said. Once they were inside the church accused 1 pushed her down onto her back and sat on her with his knees against her chest, she further testified. According to her he held her arms behind her back with his hands and when Bowe (accused 3) and Gau-Goab (accused 2) joined them Gomeb put his hand across her mouth to stop her from screaming and told Bowe to pull her pants down. “Accused 1 then put his thing in me while accused 3 was pinning me down on the ground,” the complainant said. Gau-Goab was at that stage just standing there, she said. When Gomeb was finished he exchanged positions with Bowe who then proceeded to have carnal knowledge of her while Gomeb was holding her down, the woman continued. According to her when Bowe was finished she tried to get up, but Gau-Goab then pushed her down again and also had sexual intercourse with her. While Gau-Goab was still busy the police arrived and pulled him off her, the woman testified. The three men face three charges of rape each. It is alleged they took turns raping the complainant on May 13, 2010 in Khorixas. In his plea explanation Gau-Goab admitted to having consensual sex with the complainant. Gomeb is represented by Monty Karuaihe and Gau-Goab by Milton Engelbrecht both on instructions from legal aid while Bowe is represented by Johan van Vuuren on instructions from Legal Shield. The case continues and all three accused are out on bail. Advocate Jackson Kuutondokwa appears on behalf of the State.
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