• November 14th, 2018
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Neudamm murder trial postponed

Windhoek The murder trial in which a former worker at the Neudamm Experimental Farm near Windhoek stabbed his lover to death is scheduled to take place only in April next year. The case will be heard by the Windhoek High Court. Judge Dinah Usiku told Eben Cloete, 37, the earliest available dates for his trial are April 18 to 29 next year. This is because of the unavailability of his state funded lawyer, Bronell Uirab whose diary is said to be congested. Uirab told the court he is fully booked for the rest of this year except for the last two weeks in August, but Usiku said that time is reserved for an administrative break for the judges.During the administrative breaks, which will now form part of the court proceedings according to the new rules, the High Court judges will have a administrative break every month to do their magistrate court reviews as well as other administrative issues. The state alleges Eben Cloete, 37, stabbed the mother of his child at least eight times with a sharp object in her chest where after he fled the scene. According to the charge sheet, he unlawfully and intentionally broke open the door of Anna Nadia Coetzee’s house with the intent to murder her and then intentionally killed Coetzee. According to the summary of substantial evidence in the indictment, Cloete and the deceased were in a domestic relationship. On Thursday August 13, 2009 at the Neudamm Experimental Farm in the District of Windhoek, the deceased upon seeing the accused approaching her, entered her room at her parent’s house and locked the door, the indictment read. It is further stated Cloete followed the deceased and kicked open the door and entered the room and killed her. She died at the scene as a result of haemothorax caused by the stab wounds. Deputy Prosecutor Antonia Verhoef is currently handling the state’s case until another prosecutor are allocated the case. Cloete remains in custody.
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2015-06-24 10:30:52 3 years ago

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