• November 19th, 2018
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Oshakati SSS set for Miss Entrepreneurship 2015

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

The Oshakati Senior Secondary School in the Oshana region, in conjunction with Sandro Trading Enterprise (STE), has announced their top ten finalists for the much anticipated Miss Entrepreneurship 2015, scheduled for early next month in Oshakati. “After hundreds of entries and following a strict selection process, the top 10 finalists for Miss Entrepreneurship have now been selected and we will introduce them to the media and individuals in due time by giving them different activities and projects in their communities,” says Sandro Ithana of STE. He adds that all finalists are gorgeous, smart and each sporting that special something to walk away with the crown. “These young women have officially started a journey that will change their lives forever,” says Ithana. According to him, the finalists will be engaging in numerous public activities and appearances before the crowning night on July 4. “A well selected panel of judges will be tasked with the final decision and all we can do is hope that our favourite finalists emerges as the winners,” he says. Artists to perform at the main event will be Blacksheep, 2ko and Koxa, Aj Fresh, Dj Lazza and Don Kamati, Killer Star, Amazaonkies Nyangaz, Black Daxies, Ama Young Kidz, Chilizos, Iwiz, Cool family and many more. Miss Entrepreneurship Pageant competition exists for the purpose of providing personal and professional opportunities to high school girls. Tickets are available in advance for N$ 25 from the school and N$ 30 at the entrance. Doors open at seven O’clock.
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2015-06-24 13:35:26 3 years ago

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