• November 20th, 2018
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Shoprite fires worker-cum-cuca shop owner for theft

Windhoek Shoprite U-Save in Omuthiya has allegedly fired its employee, Calvin Matengu, for running a cuca shop in Okakuku, situated 20 kilometres from Omuthiya. According to Matengu, who was a branch manager, his superiors at Shoprite U-Save fired him after they suspected him of stealing goods from the shop to stock his cuca shop. Groceries and alcohol amounting to over N$80 000 are said to have been confiscated from Matengu’s cuca shop. It is further alleged that upon learning about the existence of Matengu’s cuca shop, Shoprite U-Save seized all the goods in the cuca shop before opening a case against him with the police. Matengu was on his way to Rundu where he had been transferred to serve as a branch manager for the same company, when his world crumbled under his feet in February this year. “While on my way to Rundu, I just received a call that my employers were removing goods from my shop apparently they suspected I stole them. I returned the next day to find out what was actually happening and that’s when I was arrested and released on bail the next day,” Matengu narrated his ordeal to New Era. Matengu recounted how he was apparently suspended for one month and had to appear in court on February 23 but none of his accusers at Shoprite U-Save came to court on March 24 and on June 9. “When I was suspended, I was told it was with full pay, but they (employers) didn’t abide with that and later I was told I was fired and no longer needed to report to work. How can I be fired if the investigations have not be concluded?” questioned a distressed Matengu. On the goods impounded from his cuca shop, Matengu said, “Who knows what Shoprite is doing with the items. They can be plotting something that will incriminate me. “The only issue is we are not allowed to run our own businesses and in this case it was my brother running it and I was not directly involved. It is a registered business for that matter and now it has been closed ever since and after all I am now without a job,” he moaned. Shoprite area manager for the northern regions David Shakwa, who is believed to have been present when the goods were seized from the cuca shop, confirmed the issue but declined to divulge further details. “I will refer you to someone who can respond to your queries,” he said. But the person he referred New Era to could only say, “No comment. Whatever you say, no comment.” Meanwhile, the police officer investigating the case Warrant Officer Leonard Paulus said he cannot comment on the case because he does not know what implications his comments could have on the investigation.
New Era Reporter
2015-06-24 10:06:49 3 years ago

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