• October 17th, 2018
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‘Good diet the best way to get healthy’

Windhoek Taking multi-vitamin supplements is not always the best way to supplement the body for a healthy and balanced diet, says Dr Abul KM Mosleh Uddin, who operates a private medical practice here. “A good diet is always the best way to achieve overall good health,” Dr Uddin of the Tura Medical Centre says. According to him, multi-vitamin supplements are designed for people who struggle to eat healthily. Vitamins are defined as a group of organic compounds categorised as essential nutrients and have a variety of functions in the body. “Like for some children who are fussy about eating fruits and vegetables or people who are chronically ill and lost their appetite because of strong pills or sickness. It’s basically for malnourished children or adults,” he says. Furthermore, the best way for a person to ensure that they need multi-vitamin supplements is to consult a doctor, the doctor advises. “Diet really is the best and most efficient way to secure good health,” stresses Uddin. The risks associated with taking multi-vitamins without a doctor’s consultation are becoming reliant on the vitamins as well as the risk of vitamin toxicity,” says Uddin. “High doses of some vitamins can cause toxicity symptoms. Toxicity symptoms can be relatively mild such as itching, headache, flushed skin, or an upset stomach or they can be more severe including kidney stones, heart rhythm issues and confusion,” he says. Nevertheless, taking vitamins does have its benefits, which include providing both vitamins and minerals that may be lacking in a person’s diet. In addition, vitamins decrease a person’s risk of vitamin deficiency, he notes. “The most common deficiencies of vitamins such as vitamin A is that it can cause night blindness and dry skin,” shares Uddin.
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