• November 16th, 2018
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//Haboben chief rallies for unity

Blouwes Chief Dawid Gertze of the //Haboben - a tiny Nama clan - lead the celebration of the //Haboben Gospel and Cultural Festival held last Saturday at Blouwes. Addressing his subordinates he said there would be no real unity among Namas as long as government recognition forms the basis of their relationships. He further stressed they must remember they are bound by the collective history and sacrifices made by their forefathers. He noted their strength lies in their visionary leadership aimed at unifying their people in the best interest of both their people and the Namibian people at large. He added the challenge Nama traditional leaders face calls on them to act with maturity with the motive of pulling in the same direction irrespective of their status in society and he reminded the leaders present their mandate comes from their poor communities and this compels them to serve their people above all other interest they may have. “Our unity lies in our collective vision and mission,” stressed the chief. He warned those who repeatedly attempt to disrupt the peaceful and historic celebration of the //Haboben community that his clan will not be deterred by insignificant and visionless people from exercising their democratically guaranteed rights. Taking a swipe at the Blouwes traditional authority he said, “as for the so-called Blouwes Traditional Authority with no locus standi, you have no constituency that you operate from.” He accused them of betraying the trust of the community by serving themselves and their self-interests before that of the people, adding that they are just in their positions for benefits and not to serve the people the purport to represent. Gertze then called on the government to stop their benefits as it is a waste of state resources. Gertze said he accepted his mandate as the leader of the clan to write another page in the history book of their clan by the positive changes and achievements he wants to bring about. “Leaders must learn to not only celebrate the gains made by our forefathers but also to leave a legacy of historical significance when their life chapters is closed on earth,” he noted. Captain Petrus Kooper of the Kai //Khaun stressed that the clan is //Haboben and not Blouwes clan. Blouwes is the place name, he further urged the //Haboben to keep their history, culture and tradition alive and not to lose hope and to keep the faith. He called upon the community of //Haboben to join hands with leaders so that together they can achieve their goal and fight to be gazetted as //Hawoben and not as Blouwes clan. Attending the festival, Berseba Constituency Councillor, Dawid Boois noted the //Haboben has a shortage of land and mentioned a farm named (Finkenstein) that was bought by Ministry of Lands and Resettlement in the Koes district and urged the government to grant that piece of land to the //Haboben which is about 24 000 hectares. The three-day Festival at Blouwes, 50km east of Keetmanshoop ended last Sunday with a church service.
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