• November 19th, 2018
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Workplace hygiene is important

Windhoek “Work place hygiene is important as it may prevent common illnesses from being spread,” said FNB’s Wellness Manager Juanita Slinger. “This can also reduce absenteeism due to sick leave or easily preventable conditions.” Sometimes working in crowded conditions can lead to germs being spread easily, especially when employees feel pressurised to come to work when they are unwell. “Understanding how germs spread and how to protect ourselves from germs is important. Germs collect in a variety of places at work. These include lift buttons, handrails, desks, telephone handsets, door handles and toilet flushes to mention a few,” said Slinger. The FNB Wellness Manager continued that there were a variety of germs that accumulated around work station areas such as the computer keyboard, mouse and telephone handsets. “It is important for these items to be cleaned regularly, using a disinfectant wipe. It is also not advisable to eat over your keyboard. Food can fall in between the keys which may be difficult to remove — this can become breeding space of germs,” she emphasised. “The most important way to help reduce the spread of germs is through regular hand washing with soap and water, particularly before and after preparing or eating food and after using the toilet.” Finally Slinger shares some tips: “I would like to add that improved workplace hygiene include waterless hand sanitisers where facilities for regular hand wash are not available; availability of tissues at the work station; proper ventilation while also encouraging staff to regularly clean workstations, especially during this time of year where influenza is easily spread.”
New Era Reporter
2015-06-25 10:25:38 3 years ago

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