• November 18th, 2018
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Defend our territorial integrity - minister


Windhoek Minister of Defence Penda Ya Ndakolo has urged his staff to work hard collectively to improve and build a formidable defence system that would benefit the entire nation. He made the call on Wednesday when he addressed defence staff for the first time since his appointment to that portfolio. “From today on, please regard us as members of your team and let us join hands and work hard together to improve and build a formidable defence system for the benefit of the Namibian people,” said the new defence minister. “Our work must always be guided by our constitutional mandate, which is to defend and protect the territorial integrity, the people and national interests of Namibia to the best of our abilities,” he added. “We must always give our best for this noble cause, the defence of our mother land,” he emphasised. He said his task and that of his deputy Billy Mwaningange is task to look after the welfare and wellbeing of all members of the Ministry of Defence and the Namibian Defence Force (NDF). Therefore, he said he expected all defence staff to continue performing and conducting themselves in the most professional and disciplined manner at all times. “You should always keep in mind that you represent the name and image of the Ministry of Defence and the NDF and that name and image requires higher standards of self-respect, pride, discipline and professionalism,” he highlighted. He said professionalism cannot flourish if it is not accompanied by patriotism, which is the love for one’s country and people and being prepared to make the necessary sacrifices for the defence of one’s country. “We need to keep in mind that the Ministry of Defence and the NDF cannot operate and succeed single-handedly,” he said, adding that it was a well-known fact that Namibia’s independence was achieved because other nations and peoples had rendered their selfless solidarity and support to the cause of liberation and self-determination. He said they must not forget to continue fostering cooperation with nations and people who supported Namibia during the liberation struggle and for the promotion and maintenance of international peace, stability and security. “With peace, stability and security national development will [not] be elusive,” he said.
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2015-06-26 10:04:45 3 years ago

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