• November 19th, 2018
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Everly is about action!

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek When the Everly trailer first displayed, I knew the film was going to be noble and it truly was. This movie is not about story line but about action. The story follows, bad &@#%  Everly (Salma Hayek), a woman defending herself, her daughter and her mother from the men who have held her captive for years. Kidnapped and forced to work in a seedy underworld by a ruthless crime lord, known as Taiko (Watanabe). After discovering that Everly has betrayed his trust by working with the police, he sends a group of brutal soldiers to torture and kill her in this high octane thriller directed by Joe Lynch. Taiko envisages an easy kill but he doesn't count on Everly's strong maternal bond with her four-year-old daughter, Maisey, and love for her Mother Edith (Cepeda), which gives her an incredible will to live. I must say this is a good action flick, quite slick with unpredictable actions. There are a few jaws dropping eruption of extreme violence and unforgettable guilty pleasure ride but the film still manage to make a lot out of its single location. In the film Salma Hayek demonstrates that she still got it, looking smoking hot. There is nothing sexier than seeing women running a show. Hayek appears clever in this flick but caused a few slipups but fixes them with ambitious inspiration. I'm all for variation, and I love that there's another good action movie with a female lead to watch, especially if that lead is Hayek She’s stuck yet flexible, restricted yet creative and rather than try to escape, she makes the action come to her. What drives Everly is her desire t survive and protecting the ones she love and by doing so all she is left to do is take on the bad guys and handle everything to comes to her. What is questionable about the film though is, where did she get the all the weapons and fight training if she was locked up in this apartment for five years? But oh well, it’s still very thought-provoking. Overall it is a solid film filled with a hard-core structure. I would recommend this film to hard-core action fans or filmgoers thirsty for  a film with bloody scenes. EVERLY is a fun trip and one you won’t soon fail to recall.
New Era Reporter
2015-06-26 13:25:40 3 years ago

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