• November 16th, 2018
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Top 5 Namibian Gospel Musicians currently:

D-Naff, forget it! You will not be part of this list! No! Nope! Not going to include you! You won the Gospel category more than my daughter’s age! You are a former Ambassador for the National Youth Council of Namibia and now involved with the KORA Awards! Ayee, inda kwii! Let me give the small fish a chance! V.M V.M released a 12-track album in 2015. The album is titled Soul Healer. Soul healing is what will transpire indeed when you listen to this album with hits such as Hallelujah and Ondeuya. Ondeuya became a national anthem with radio stations around the country gifting it airplay (NASCAM has your royalties V.M, just go check-ACC alert!). V.M’s work on the album also landed him a Namibia Annual Music Awards 2015: Best Gospel nomination. He ultimately lost out to Industry bully-D-Naff. V-LO V-lo managed to kill the typical Gospel sound with his album I’m Grateful. His music will help a neutral digest Gospel music without having the need to be intimidated by the faith to join any church dominion of some sort. He features industry greats such as former female artist of the year, Tequila, KUKU Nkandanga and Pezzico amongst others. His song “Greater” became a taxi anthem in the northern parts of the country-notwithstanding that the rest of the country would enjoy it. DYNA Dyna, the darling of the industry! Dyna released a 12-track album in 2014 titled The design of destiny. The album was well received by Namibians. This because her song Oh My went VIRAL! Dyna is one for the future. LINDA No guys, this is not Linda I believe. This is a different Linda. She went completely solo on her album titled  The Christ in me. Unheard of, really. Consuming Fire is the song to look out for in terms of that album. Caroline All hail Queen Caroline! She is one industry player that has gone unnoticed. She has two commercial albums out. A 13-track album titled Onse Vader and a 14- track album titled Jesus shine on me. It is with Jesus Shine on me that she matured like good wine. She roped in South African Gospel heavyweight on that album-Lusanda. She is also a former Energy Personality of the week. Her song “Alle nasies” is still enjoyed by many to this day. One last thing: Levite and Saint Gregg, the game needs you. Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM Song of the week: Ees ft. OngoroNomundu: Never over (Oh and Ees, my Facebook account is no democracy, so yeah I did block you!) Flop of the week:  T-Shirt ft. King Bruno: Hip Hop Need an MC? Contract NSK for your event at naobebsekind@gmail.com @naobebsekind(twitter)  NSK #GMTM (facebook)
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