• November 20th, 2018
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Septuagenarian pastor to get N$640 000 Mercedes


Windhoek River of Life Community Church in Khomasdal celebrated Pastor Fred Joseph’s 70th birthday in a very compelling way - honouring him with a 2015 Mercedes-Benz E-250 worth over N$640 000. The new Mercedes is expected to arrive in two weeks. Accompanied by his wife, Joan, over 500 church members including delegates from as far as Cape Town, South Africa, sang and danced as Pastor Joseph arrived for the birthday jamboree held at a local hotel on Saturday. One of the banners welcoming him to the party praised him as “The Man, The Myth, The Legend”. Speaker after speaker described him as a true servant of God, who made a significant contribution in the Kingdom of God in general in AFM in particular. Many wished him good health, with one saying his services to the Lord, has changed the spiritual, physical and political environment of their times. Several people described him as a father, pastor, mentor, friend, teacher, preacher and ultimately the “anointed man of God”. “Often times the work of a man of God goes unnoticed, or as a ‘matter of fact’...” said the Church board member, Nortin Brendell who delivered a speech on behalf of the church. He said under his anointing, the church has witnessed his preaching the Word of God, he has led and continues to lead the masses to Christ, and through his teaching he has helped many establish the Christian foundations needed to flourish at home, work and their social environment. Joseph also received accolades from his own congregation, which described him as “inspirational, compassionate and humble”. According to speakers, Pastor Joseph’s journey started under a tree in the Queens Park Zoo in East London, South Africa. Together with his wife, they founded their first church in Butterworth, Transkei, where they lived at the time. For Joseph, the Namibian journey started in 1983 when he and his wife accepted a call to the Khomasdal AFM Church and they moved to Windhoek. Politically, Joseph also left a lasting impact in the society. His belief in a multinational churches, and efforts in establishing racial-unity through Christ, led to him being elected as the first National President of the united AFM in 1991. Furthermore, Joseph in 1989 was elected un-opposed as the chairperson of the Swapo Party Elders’ Council. Joseph was born in 1945.
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