• October 17th, 2018
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Eenhana Youth Club scoops medals at Karate-Zen champs

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Eenhana Gold medalist, Philemon Shupa, (10) the youngest in the Eenhana Karate-Zen Youth Club and in Grade 4 at the Eenhana Primary School says he would like to finish all the stages in the sporting discipline and advises other youths to join the club. “I need to encourage fellow youths in Ohangwena region to join our club as the club is becoming popular day by day. Apart from that, I am also aiming for another gold medal next year and I will take this sport up to college level whether locally or abroad,” explains Shupa. The club recently hold is championships. Tenth Grader, Martin Neumbo (13), who scoped a silver medal, says he would like to take this discipline to greater height as he has developed skills that can protect himself and his family in self defence. “I can safely say, I am the security of my family and I would like to take this sporting discipline up to university level. I need to acquire my black belt and I know it’s coming if l work hard,” says Neumbo. Ronald Nghililewanga (14) and in Grade 8 at Eenhana Primary School who scooped silver and bronze medals at the competition, is happy saying as a young man, he is ready to retaliate when attacked after acquiring skills in Karate-Zen. The club’s instructor, Mordekai Mutilifa, is appealing to the business community to sponsor them in kind as more youths are being registered as members of the club. “As our club is growing, we shall target crime in Eenhana. Since the town is growing fast, crime rate is also on the increase, our Karate-Zen youths will soon volunteer in the combat against crime. As the only Karate-Zen club in the region, we need support from the parents and the business community. Our club members who are mainly students in various schools are never failures in their school work,” Mutilifa appeals. The Eenhana Karate-Zen Youth Club excelled at the regional Karate-Zen championship which took place at Oshakati stadium last week. The club, which was only established this January, won 14 medals consisting of two gold, four silver and eight bronze medals. Philemon Shupa was awarded the gold while Martin Neumbo (13), a Grade 10 learner at Eenhana Primary School scooped the bronze and Ronald Nghilewanga scooped the bronze and silver medal. Mutilifa, who is also ranked as Sensei in the Karate-Zen discipline, and is also a Nampol officer here, explains that since its establishment earlier this year, the club has managed to recruit more than 20 learners and they have so far proved to be dedicated and disciplined in this sporting discipline. “Our main goal is to equip these young learners as youths out of the streets and to instill discipline [ in] them. Remember that a disciplined child will perform better at school, and this is what we aim for in the Karate-Zen as a sporting discipline. Our golden rule as a club is ‘do unto others as you want them do unto you’,” he says The-Eenaha-Karate-1
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