• November 20th, 2018
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Fodder bank could alleviate effects of drought


Windhoek The possibility of establishing a fodder bank for livestock in areas with access to water should be considered in efforts to mitigate the effects of the prevailing drought, particularly in Kunene, it was suggested on Monday. Speaking at a partnership meeting convened by the Namibia Red Cross Society (NRCS), the Acting Head of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Southern Africa zone, Dr Michael Charles, stated the “drought is here to stay and it has affected us for the past three years.” A fodder bank would amongst others ensure livestock is fed and farmers could sell and generate income from that. Furthermore, Charles who made a presentation on the topic “Responding to chronic crisis: case of the Kunene,” suggested farmers’ insurance should be considered as an option, which can benefit households in drought years. Speaking on the same topic, the Director of Disaster Risk Reduction in the Office of the Prime Minister, Japhet Itenge, noted the Kunene is one of the underdeveloped regions in the country. Hence, tailor-made education for inhabitants of that region is crucial for them to be on par with the more developed regions. “As a nation we must change strategies and there is nothing wrong with positive discrimination,” Itenge remarked in stressing the need to introduce developmental strategies aimed at developing the region. Itenge
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2015-07-01 10:57:00 3 years ago

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