• November 17th, 2018
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Doris, untapped musical jewel by Kae Matundu-Tjiparuro

Time Out
Time Out

  Windhoek Friday, June 19 ushered in a new epoch on the Namibian outdoor entertainment scene musically with the installation of the first act in the “Friday Bash @ Kalabar, now branded NAMJAMS at the Hilton’s Hotel. And the honour of curtain raising this event could not have fallen better on a yet unknown singer by the Name of Doris Chandré Eiman. I found her already through the first part of a three-part show with only one or two songs before the first break. And it felt like I have already been there since the opening of the show. From these very two songs there could be no hesitation that as unknown as she might to the mainstream entertainment industry in the metropolis of Windhoek, Doris may not be a newcomer or novice that many may think her to be. After a 40 minute break to allow the crowd to mix and refresh, in a real party mood, the party was set to continue for the second part of the show. By now Doris who had seem itchy during the opening part of the show, seemed to had gotten the hang of it. Buoyed partly by a swelling crowd of acquaintances and friends, some if not most who were missing  at the beginning but who had since been trickling in. All in all Doris took the party-goers through an hour-and-a-half of her own original songs and cover hits of various international stars such as  Beyonce (Ego, Drunk in Love); Tamia (Sandwich, Soda); Lauryn Hill (Can’t take my eyes); Liquideep (Still); Rihanna ( Y’all better have money); John Legend (All of me) and Jesse Ware (Say you love money). Next to home she rendered renditions of such artists such as Zahara (Ndiza); Micasa (Heavenly sent) and as they say safe the best for last what would a party be without “Weekend special” by Brend Fassie? If you think that Doris is just there rendering cover version of other people, you  are mistaken.  K.I.S.S.I.NG, Wish I didn’t know and I’m a flirt are three of her own songs she delivered on the night. But who is Doris? “ I hate to sound cliché, but I come from a family that loves music and singing, from as early as I can remember, my cousin and I would sing along to whatever song. I suppose it’s safe to say there was no distinct moment that I discovered my passion for singing,” she introduces herself. Her musical inspirations are diverse, a fact she very much appreciates ranging from her mother and her family at large to friends, but with a special mention her music/choir teachers throughout the years with “countless hours of pouring out their passion and love for the art that helped shape my appreciation of it”. Her musical journey started as young as nine years. But at this point she is expending more her energy and time on her studies following medicine. Not to say that fans may not be able to see her musically because on July 25 she will be at the Maerua Mall-based Primi Piati for Song Night, and on August 14 in the Boiler Room at the Warehouse Theatre. “I sing simply because I love it, it’s part of who I am, just as much as medicine is part of who I am. Music has been in my heart for as long as I can remember and yet again so has been medicine. I wish I could say I love music and the spotlight more, but I am just as passionate about my studies. Some might say or suggest I have to choose one or the other…..but do I?,” Doris reveals her artistic affection. Her discernible edginess during the first part of her performance at Kalabar was understandable because Doris haven’t had “big” appearances over the years except for a few private functions, song night, Spoken Word and lately, Kalabar. “ I admit, I was slightly nervous at first, like any upcoming artist would be, but I dug deep and sang from my heart……..was it my greatest performance? I can’t really say, but its definitely one of the most memorable ones, “ she confesses.  “The most memorable part for me was how engaged the audience was….all the love and support made me feel right at HOME,” she appreciates the audience at her recent appearance at Kalabar. He genre’s  influence Reggae, Jazz, RnB and a lot of soul. And what about her own songs?  K.I.S.S.I.N.G is basically about a female/woman that informs the male/man that he won’t get another better than what he could have with her.  Wish I Didn’t know- It’s a little more based on personal experience, with falling in love and getting your heart broken and remembering how things were when it was moonlight and roses. I’m a flirt, self-explanatory is about a woman who can cast a spell on men basically a Jolene on the loose. ( Reference to Dolly Parton). Doris is currently  recording her debut  album and everything will be revealed in due time. Her supporting acts are on the drums  Titus, Bass- Wayne, and on the keyboard  Danny, all  experienced players who, among other artists have had been featured by well-known artist such as Lize Ehlers. “ There is so much to Doris: I have been called young, outgoing, and genuine…..I know I love people and I enjoy life….but most importantly I love God. As for the rest? I’m always open to meeting new people. I’ll let you all find out for yourselves,” she pens off.  
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