• November 20th, 2018
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Lüderitz kicks off Ndilimani’s shows

Time Out
Time Out

  Windhoek As part of its tours to all 14 regions of the country this year, the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe’s first show is tonight in Lüderitz. This is in the Benguela Community Hall in Lüderitz, while the next show is tomorrow night  in  Orandjemund in the Zacharias Lewala Hall. Both shows are starting at seven O’clock in the evening (19h00) and tickets goes for N$10 for kids and N$50 for adults. One of the organisers, Shakes Ekandjo, says the main aim of the music tour is for the group to network, interact and meet fans.  He invites all the music lovers and fans to attend. “Come join us for the event of a lifetime and you will experience maximum entertainment,” Ekandjo excites.
New Era Reporter
2015-07-03 15:58:42 3 years ago

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