• November 18th, 2018
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Kraatz Marine and MANWU agree on wages and benefits

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Windhoek The Metal and Allied Workers Union (MANWU) has entered into a substantive three-year agreement with Kraatz Marine, a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List (O&L) Group, on workers’ wages and benefits. Managing Director of Kraatz, Dirk van Niekerk, said they are happy with the way the negotiations were conducted. “We’ve been able to agree on basic salary increases, transport allowances, shop steward leave days and living-away allowances, to the benefit of both our employees and the company for the next three years, beginning on 1 July 2015. Employees are also entitled to a 5% increase on a third of their CTC [cost to company] as a housing allowance per year for three years.” Van Niekerk furthermore advised that employees would receive 60% payment of their 13th cheque as a guaranteed bonus. Furthermore, if the company achieves their EBIT [earning before interest and taxes] financial target and a C-rating budget, employees would receive an additional 40% of their 13th cheque as a bonus by the end of December. “This puts the onus on all of us to deliver – be it employer or employee. We live in a world where everyone is responsible for results and we know that our workforce is committed to achieving outstanding results so that all of us can benefit,” Van Niekerk concluded.
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2015-07-07 10:42:34 3 years ago

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