• November 14th, 2018
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Nambinga offers hope to RDP devotees

Ongwediva In the aftermath of the election of Jeremiah Nambinga as president of RDP at the party’s convention over the weekend, northern regional secretaries have expressed their confidence their new leader will unite and transform the struggling minority party. Shaka //Oxurub of Kunene, who was also Nambinga’s campaign manager, said he was waiting for the president to meet with the party’s regional secretaries and regional mobilisers in the next two months to strategize the campaign for the regional elections in November. //Oxurub also called on regional secretaries and mobilisers to join Nambinga in uniting the masses and to support the new president. “This is the time to take the party forward. The elections are over and it’s time to rally behind our president because the aim is to build the party,” said //Oxurub. The party’s Ohangwena regional secretary Timo Shikongo said the division in the party has since become a thing of the past. “We observed unity at the convention and people have shown the desire to forge ahead and like the president said, there is no winner or loser in the just contested race – we are all winners,” said Shikongo. Shikongo said he was also waiting for the new president to give directives and to map the way forward so that the party can begin with the RDP’s transformation from the grass-roots level. Michael Shikongo of Omusati said he was confident the new president would unite the party. In addition, Shikongo said he expects the new president and the party leadership to facilitate the construction of regional offices and the procurement of new vehicles. Nambinga on Sunday pledged to donate two vehicles to RDP to be used for party activities. Shikongo says he does not only want to observe unity in the party, but also wants Nambinga to be a radical leader who can assist the government to unite the nation at large. Shikongo said he is also looking upon Nambinga to foster the implementation of party policies and to assist government in ensuring that as a political head government policies are implemented as well. Shikongo says he wants Nambinga to be a vocal leader especially in areas that can assist the country to transform issues of national concern such as children sleeping under trees and being taught under trees. “We want Nambinga to be a leader that can assist government and do away with children commuting from camping in shacks and become a leader who can be accepted by all,” said Shikongo.
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