• November 20th, 2018
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Women entertainers to feed children

  Windhoek Over 3000 children will receive special treatment next month from the Women in Entertainment Movement who will feed them and host a fun day for them. “As part of our social responsibility and in our quest to inspire positive thinking, we have come up with a concept called ‘the day of giving’, which we hope will be a national event, where every Namibian will be requested to complete any form of social responsibility, an effort we hope will encourage the mentality of ‘it’s not what your country can do for you but what it is you can do for your country’,” says Suzan Opute, the master mind of the movement. Opute adds that they have designtaed July 30 the official day for giving, to provide ample time for people to be informed and prepared, adding that “on that day we as the women in entertainment will feed 3000 kids from disadvantaged backgrounds and treat them to a day of fun which will include music, fashion, poetry as well as reading”. It is an open project that requires any willing Namibian or organisation to perform an act of social responsibility and post it to a specific Facebook page that will be set up as part of this day (to be announced), and in return those organisations will receive exposure and advertisement on all promotional materials that will be created in line with the event as well as banding opportunities at all associate platforms. The movement is a collection of young professionals in the performing arts industry who got together with the sole objective of empowering themselves as well as being role models to young girls across Namibia. It consists of musicians, models, designers, journalist, radio and television personalities as well as film producers.
New Era Reporter
2015-07-08 12:01:17 3 years ago

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