• November 13th, 2018
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Ann Singer entreats NamJams tonight

Time Out
Time Out

WINDHOEK Tonight  Ann Singer takes to the stage in the third edition of NamJams which started with Doris Chandre Eiman on June 19 as Friday Bash @ Kalabar but has since been rebranded as Namjams. Ann Singer hails from Oshikuku but was raised in Windhoek. She has been singing  all her life and as far back as she can remember. However, it was only after well-known musician and vocalist, Berthold, back in 2007 while still in Grade 10, took note of her and encouraged her further, that she decided to venture deeper into music as a potential career. She has performed at the Polytechnic Cultural Festival, the Warehouse Theatre Song-Night and Jojo’s Songwriter Nights. Currently she is producing her first CD under the Deal Done Records label, which she hopes to release this October. Watch this space at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAS) 2016! Her successful single release Mbwiti Dance is a reference to the many Namibian young women living in the ‘cities’ who are at risk of losing their traditional ways. Ann is accompanied by Afron Nyambali on acoustic guitar and bass. Next  Friday 17  are Muni Hoveka and Breanna Kandanga, the two young ladies behind the acronym ‘Stardust’. Muni hails from Swakopmund. They got to know each other at Swakopmund primary school, after Breanna relocated from Windhoek to Swakopmund. From a personal friendship developed a common interest in music, songs and lyrics and voila: ‘Stardust’ was born. Stardust first made a distinctive mark on you tube and social media. They gave their live debut at the NAMAS 2015, not a bad stage to make yourself heard! With their album “Stardust” they scooped an award for ‘Best House’ song (“Lights”) and as Best Duo/Group. With the recent addition of an effective canvas enclosure around the balcony, the Hilton Kalabar has ‘mutated’ into a winter-friendly live music venue. Last week Friday, “RR Kally”, that is Raymond Pande and Romancia Shoonga on vocals and Kally Kassinda on keyboards, opened the second of an ongoing new series called NAMJAMS - with up-tempo covers stretching from Daft Punk’s (Up all Night) Get Lucky to Zahara’s Lengoma. NamJams takes place Friday evenings from seven  to half-past-nine O’clock (19h – 21h30) No entrance fees are charged. Namjams-3-Muni-(L)-Brenna-(R)-0147
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