• November 21st, 2018
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PoN student feeds Lüderitz learners


Lüderitz A student at the Polytechnic of Namibia (PoN), Shaundre Jeanne Cloete has initiated a feeding scheme for less privileged schoolchildren. Cloete, a second-year metallurgical engineering undergraduate, was touched by the plight of hundreds of children who go to school without breakfast. She says so far she’s prepared brötchens and boerewors and brötchens and Viennas that she fed to pupils from impoverished Lüderitz suburbs. The first feeding scheme took place last Thursday and another one took place yesterday (Thursday). Each exercise benefited 200 children. Cloete states that currently she is on holiday and she felt that instead of just staying at home she decided it would be good to help the less privileged, especially poor school kids. She indicated that during her primary school years she realised there were quite a number of children going to school hungry because of poverty, which she feels causes poor concentration and increases absenteeism due to the fact that most kids do not have anything to eat before school. The pupils who Cloete fed are from Diaz Primary School and Nautilus Primary School. The 20-year-old’s praiseworthy initiative is being funded by Seaflower and the regional council, and she says she will continue doing this in future whenever PoN goes into recess. Cloete praised the !Nami#nus Constituency councillor Jan Scholtz and Seaflower for their financial contribution and without whose funding the scheme would not have been possible. Cloete recited the late revered Roman Catholic sister Mother Teresa’s popular quote, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
New Era Reporter
2015-07-10 09:58:34 3 years ago

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