• September 26th, 2018
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E-Red still eager to take over mine power supply


Walvis Bay The CEO of the electricity distributor in the Erongo region, Robert Kahimise says Erongo Red is still eager to take over the supply of electricity to all mines in the region. The country’s bulk power supplier, NamPower currently supplies electricity to all mines. Kahimise is, however, positive that if and when Erongo Red takes over the supply of power to the mines, local residents would benefit, as the takeover could stabilise the cost of electricity for all electricity consumers in the region. Kahimise, who was responding to questions regarding ongoing consultations with NamPower over the supply of electricity to mines, said the discussions are at an advanced stage. “We have had round-table discussions on the matter and we are currently waiting for the policymakers to pronounce themselves in this regard. In fact, all mines in the Erongo region fall under our jurisdiction and should be our clients,” he argued. In an earlier interview with New Era, Kahimise indicated that it was high time they took over the function of distributing power to the mines. According to him, this would underline the whole purpose of the ‘RED model’ [of regional electricity distributors] and would give Erongo Red a decisive advantage, in terms of mitigating the impact of high power tariffs, as the company would have a much larger client base and source of revenue. “Currently NamPower is the biggest beneficiary of the region’s mining sector as they supply the mines directly with electricity… In all fairness, these mines are situated in our region and should be our direct customers,” he claimed.Erongo Red is solely licensed to distribute electricity in the region and wants to become the sole supplier Erongo –  this includes those mines already in operation, those in the pipeline, as well as desalination plants. Kahimise argued that supplying electricity to the mines directly would mean Erongo Red can provide power to nearby towns at lower cost.
2015-07-16 10:14:56 3 years ago
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