• November 18th, 2018
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Police officers must not chew gum when in uniform

Special Focus, National
Special Focus, National

Oshakati Police officers must not chew gum when in uniform as such conduct, among others, could make them the laughing stock of the public. The advice came from the Minister of Safety and Security, Major General (Rtd) Charles Namoloh, when addressing the management of the police in Oshana Region on Sunday morning. The address took place at the Oshana regional headquarters in Oshakati. “If you are an officer on dutydon’t chew gum. Do it when you are off duty,” said Namoloh. He further urged the police to refrain from smoking while in uniform. “Sometimes these things make us the laughing stock. Find a place to take off your hat and then do what you want to.” The minister also urged the management members of the force to treat their subordinates with dignity and ensure that their well-being is upheld at all times. He further appealed that thorough post-mortems on road accident victims be conducted to help identify the exact cause of accidents. Namoloh was responding to the escalation of accidents on Namibian roads and also requested drivers to acquire defensive driving skills, especially when transporting passengers with buses and taxis. “We need to put up a timeline for driving. These days you also find driving schools under trees. Are they really qualified to train drivers? The police need to do their part. We do not only want to collect revenue we also want to save lives,” said Namoloh. He enjoined members of the logistics department within the police to ensure that members of the force are supplied with fresh food when they are deployed at various sites.He said currently situations arise whereby members are supplied with expired food and then even required to sieve the maize before cooking. “You need to check the food you receive. It should be in a good condition because the well-being of everyone is necessary,” said Namoloh. The minister as well requested staff of the ministry to ensure that border posts are fully equipped to ensure the living conditions of those deployed are improved. Namoloh reiterated his call to managers in the regions to hold disciplinary cases against officers when required and not only when their promotions arise. Namoloh said disciplinary issues should be dealt with within three months or else never be brought up, except for serious cases that require prosecution in a court of law.
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