• November 14th, 2018
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Kallit Revolution DJs keep the beat alive

Walvis Bay They say that music is the universal language which brings people together from all walks of life, which rings true after meeting four vibrant DJs who hail from Windhoek and play under the name Kallit Revolution (DJs. Ranging in age from their 20s with the oldest member, Eugene Grotzinger, who in his 50s, these guys are the real deal who claim that being a DJ is like being a musician - you have to know your stuff when standing in front of a crowd, because what you play make or breaks the vibe. The foursome are part of the sweeping DJ movement that is growing in Namibia, with Eugene, Nacio Barlo, Sebastian Feris and Miguel Matias, all having one thing in common - taking their music to the people. ‘Time Out’ met the DJs in Walvis Bay last week-end where they had been playing at some of the popular night spots, all wearing branded T-shirts, which are part of the ‘Kallit Revolution’ clothing and accessory line, which is becoming quite the trend in the capital. They call themselves mobile DJs, and go to wherever the people want them to play, at parties, clubs, dance halls, you name it - they are there, kitted with their mobile DJ station and an abundance of vibrant songs, tunes, vibes and sounds. “Music brought us together and we are likeminded yet are inviduals with the sound we play, because we are trendsetters, and want to make sure the music you hear from us is a first time listen in the club, and not from the radio,” they said. And whilst all of them hold down serious day jobs which ranging from business, to the transport industry, electronic contractor and Performance Process Co-ordinator for the government, they click when they talk music. Explaining that a lot has changed over the years for the DJ industry, with the transformation of technology, with the scene changing from analogue to digital, but still it is a personal taste when you are spinning off a lap top, CD, or a memory stick - you must know your music. “We transform into performers as soon as we stand in front of a crowd, and then you really see how we come to life,” they explain. “We feed off the crowd’s response, and are passionate about what music we play and are not limited to any genre.” Collectively they have decades of DJ experience between them and have built up an enormous collection of music over the years, which is what makes them better DJs than the guys just starting out, or the fly by night attempts. “This is something you have to take seriously, if you want to be taken seriously and be on top of your game, because the world has so much music out that, and it is up to us to capture the best sounds of the time and feed it out to the crowds.” They are there to make you feel happy and forget all your problems when you get onto the dance floor and feel the beat of our movement. And the message is loud and clear from these Dee Jay’s - that if you are in the party mood and they are playing at a venue anywhere near you, best get your ‘swag’ on and head over to the place for a night of groove.
New Era Reporter
2015-07-17 13:46:41 3 years ago

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