• November 18th, 2018
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Kamanjab’s Nuweland settlement to be electrified

Kamanjab Kamanjab’s informal settlement of Nuweland will soon be electrified, the Village Council confirmed this week. Kamanjab Council’s technical clerk, Buruxa Namaseb said plans to electrify the informal settlement are at an advanced stage. “No Namibian must be left out from attaining basic services, such as electricity,” Namaseb said. “Our people need these services.” “Unemployment is high here as rural communities come in search of work, but we are trying our best to bring services to the people,” he noted. The Village Council has set aside N$100,000 to provide electricity to some of the remaining 250 houses, which currently house more than 2,000 residents. Nuweland resident, Magret Cloete said she and others in the area welcome the electrification of their neighbourhood: “This is long overdue. We waited too long to get electricity,” she said. Nuweland informal settlement will also get flush toilets and water services, Namaseb said. On this issue, Cloete exlained that the distance they have to walk to fetch water is very far: “It’s unsafe to walk to the bushes – especially for us women – when nature calls during the night, thus bringing toilets closer to us will be a great initiative.” Kamanjab Village Council is also busy upgrading Dudu Murorua Street, the only tarred road in the location. N$800,000 has been set aside for this purpose. Interlocks will be used to pave the sidewalks. Council has meanwhile started with construction of several new roads, as well as upgrading older ones in the location, at an estimated cost of N$5 million. These roads will be paved with interlocks rather than tarred, as tarring tends to be more expensive. The Village Council also intends to eradicate all shacks in the area in due course. “Shacks are not conductive to social development. People need better housing and we don’t need these shacks at all,” Namaseb says, and to facilitate this Council is in the process of formalising some areas, such as Extension 5 and 6, at an estimated cost of N$600,000. The construction of new show-grounds, which would have cost N$150,000, was put on hold, while a welcoming sign at the entrance to the village will instead be set up at the cost of N$200,000. A 5 tonne truck, costing N$400,000 was also bought this year to make it easier for Council workers to carry out their duties, as they previously had only one truck which was used for refuse removal, as well as construction jobs. The Village Council will also pave its office parking area and set up vehicle shade, at the cost of around N$90,000. The National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Rural and Urban Development are funding the upgrades.
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