• November 14th, 2018
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Ladies to interrogate the “A” male personality

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek Women are in for treat on July 23 as the Powerhouse Family Fellowship brings ladies together at a conference at the Eros Primary School. Powerhouse Family Fellowship is a local church with the mission to transform the social order of our society with biblical values, starting with the family, sharing the Gospel with love and compassion. The conference themed Perspective, aims to help women to have a deeper understanding of the mysteries of an ‘A’-type male personality and what drives these men to be the best at all they do. Asnat Neumbo, one of the event organisers, says there are many misconceptions about the Alpha male, particularly in popular media targeting young women. Therefore, the conference aims to shed light on the true characteristics and behaviours of Alpha males, and how to complement each other in all relationships (with our fathers, husbands, sons and brothers). Neumbo adds that the ‘Alpha male’ is not a temperament or personality of some men, but every man has a level of Alpha male in him, and this conference will help every woman (and her family) gain a deeper understanding of herself, how to have better companionship and relationship, enjoying life together and celebrate who she is by exposing these deep inner truths. “There are many misconceptions about ‘A-type’ men (or Alpha males) and the women who find themselves connected to these men. The fact is that all men have a level of Alpha in them and women often find themselves at loggerheads with those characteristics in their spouses, fathers or sons. Our aim is to look more deeply at these challenges and offer women concrete solutions for restoration and growth in their relationships,” she says. The conference will also offer an opportunity for fellowship and sharing a meal together with other ladies. All women aged 18 and above are invited to attend the event. G.F. Watkins and Pastor Juanita Izaks will shed light on the true characteristics and behaviours of Alpha males. The events starts at 18h30 until 21h00 at Eros Primary School, Windhoek (off Robert Mugabe Avenue, into Eros Road).Tickets cost N$95 and are available online www.facebook.com/Powerhousefamily
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