• November 18th, 2018
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Lions documentary launches at Warehouse

Time Out
Time Out

Windhoek The Desert Lion Conservation Trust (DLCT) is launching and screening the Vanishing Kings-Lions of the Namib, its new international wildlife documentary at the Warehouse Theatre tomorrow. The documentary showcases the desert-adapted lions of Namibia. Over two-years, the DLCT has been providing scientific and logistical support to Will & Lianne Steenkamp, during their quest to uncover and film the secrets of a small population of lions living in the harsh arid conditions of the northern Namib. A great effort was made to keep the film authentic and to void sensation. The end result is an epic film that is a true representation of a pride of lions in the Hoanib River that live in a range of dramatic landscapes; ranging from the coast, sand dunes, gravel plains, and the mountains further inland. Over the next few years all the major international television networks will broadcast this film, which is great marketing for Namibia to benefit the tourism industry. The film was translated into Damara and a version with Damara narration has been completed. The producers have granted the DLCT the right to make the film available free of charge to the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Air Namibia, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and any other ministry or institution that stands to benefit and promote Namibia’s wildlife and tourism. The evening show will start at six O’clock in the evening (18H00) and entrance fees are N$100 for adults and N$ 50 for children under 16 years.
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2015-07-17 13:42:48 3 years ago

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