• November 18th, 2018
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Nudo says expelling Ngurare no solution to land issue

Windhoek Nudo has expressed disappointment with the decision taken by the Swapo Party Politburo to expel Youth League secretary Elijah Ngurare, as well as the three suspended youth leaguers who are spearheading the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) group. The Swapo politburo on Friday recommended that the party’s central committee expel Ngurare, AR movement leaders Job Amupanda, Dimbalukeni Nauyoma and George Kambala. In a media statement on Saturday, Nudo’s presidential spokesperson, Joseph Kauandenge, said “These recommendations are, in their current form, ill-conceived, ill-thought [out] and will result in the abortion of a foetus that is called dialogue and common sense.” According to him, there is really no justification whatsoever for the four youth leaguers to be expelled from the party. Kauandenge said that AR and its leader, Job Amupanda should be credited for having brought to the land issue to the forefront of government’s agenda. “Was it not for this bold initiative by the AR movement this issue could have been left to future generations to ponder and address,” he said. Kauandenge says Nudo is disturbed by the fact that “the presidency appears to work like the inner circles of the mafia world, where one smiles with you and pledges loyalty, but then stab or shoot you in the back once you turn your back.” “How on earth does the president sit in a Politburo meeting where he presides as president of Swapo and president of this country, recommend the expulsion of these youngsters and then turn the other cheek to issue a press statement and declare his willingness to engage the very same young people he recommended for expulsion? Does that really make common sense?” Kauandenge asked. He said NUDO hopes the central committee of Swapo will be guided by the overriding objectives of the party, which is to serve the people of this country and that they will deploy wisdom, when they converge to discuss this recommendation. He called on the CC to dismiss the recommendation and name it for what it is, misplaced. “It is a regrettable that our leaders don’t borrow from other examples and learn from them never to repeat it, like the Malema-issue in South Africa,” he added. “Be warned that this decision might come back to haunt the ruling party in the not-too-distant future,” Kauandenge said.
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2015-07-20 10:37:05 3 years ago

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