• November 21st, 2018
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Nekundi gets protection order against wife

Windhoek The Magistrates Court in Katutura last week granted an interim protection order to Swapo Party parliamentarian, Veikko Nekundi to shield him from his enstranged wife. New Era was reliably informed Nekundi’s application for a protection order against alleged abuse from his wife, Getrud, with whom he seems to have irreconcilable differences, was successfully granted. Getrud has been ordered to refrain from any acts of violence against her husband, either directly, or by getting help of another person to carry out the violence. The court ordered that Getrud should refrain from physically abusing her husband. She was further ordered to refrain from economically exploiting her husband, including the destruction or damage to property, intimidation, harassment and stalking. She was also ordered to refrain from emotionally, verbally and psychologically abusing her husband. She was further ordered to desist from threats or attempts to carry out these acts and “exposing a child to acts of violence against another person.” Furthermore, court documents read that “the respondent is hereby ordered to hand over the keys of the motor vehicle, together with the motor vehicle (red jeep) to the complainant with immediate effect.” The interim order also informs Getrud Nekundi of her right to appear in the Magistrates Court in Katutura on August 25: “… you may present evidence to the court to show why the interim protection order should not be confirmed and made final. You may bring other persons to give evidence on your behalf if you wish.” In addition, the court order states: “if you do not appear in court to oppose the order on the listed date and time or on an earlier date arranged with the clerk of court, the court will make this interim protection order into a final protection order. In the meantime, this interim has full force and effect.” When contacted for comment, Veikko Nekundi said, “I don’t want to comment on domestic matters.” His wife said she was “in a meeting” and would only be able to comment in two hours’ time, but at the agreed time she slammed the phone down. Subsequent efforts to obtain comment proved futile as she did not answer her phone.
New Era Reporter
2015-07-21 10:27:19 3 years ago

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