• November 21st, 2018
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Coordinators are the ears of Swapo – Mumbala


Keetmanshoop Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala met with district coordinators to examine and study the party’s constitution and manifesto this week. The Swapo regional head explained the importance of the exercise on Tuesday, saying as elected leaders of their respective districts they ought to be thoroughly acquainted with the party’s constitution and manifesto and to use this to guide their political work. He also said that as party leaders they should be intimately familiar with these two important party documents, in order to explain certain things to members of the party when the need arises. “We, as leaders, must understand the party constitution in order to explain it when we are challenged,” he emphasised. He also urged the district coordinators to familiarise themselves with the party manifesto in order to understand what the Swapo government has set out to do, and observe in their respective communities whether these developments are indeed taking place, as prescribed in the manifesto. Mumbala further said district coordinators are the ears and eyes of the party in their areas and have a huge role to play in connecting and linking the public with the party. It is therefor imperative that they have sound knowledge of what the needs of their different communities are in order to address them. He also called on members to respect party structures and to follow the right channels if they have any complaints, and that they should furthermore wait for any problem to be addressed internally, instead of running to the media. “Do not react to the media. The media is there to write whatever they want in order to sell their newspapers,” he cautioned Swapo party members. He tasked the coordinators to go out and mobilise the people for the upcoming local and regional elections, stressing local authorities constitute the basic instruments of government, which represent the needs of people in terms of service delivery. He urged them to campaign to ensure that Swapo increases its three seats in the local council.
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