• December 17th, 2018
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 Oshikunde learners  appreciate donation

Youth Corner, Education
Youth Corner, Education

Eenhana Learners of the Oshikunde Combined School and their parents have expressed their appreciation for a generous donation from the Governor of Ohangwena region, Usko Nghaamwa, who has agreed to be the school’s patron. A Grade 8 learner at the school, Nestor Nghitima, expressed joy over the donation, saying the money should be invested in the development of the school. “We appreciate our governor’s generosity and effort to develop our school and we shall make sure that we also work hard like he encouraged us to. We also thank him for accepting to be our school patron,” he said. Selma Ndakondja, a Grade 9 learner, also expressed her happiness and promised to work hard in order to go as far as university for her studies in medicine. “Thank you so much and let me remind all the parents and learners present that we should work together to achieve the aims and objectives of the school. “Our Namibian government has come up with free education, so that parents will have no excuses for not sending their children to school,” Nghaamwa who pledged N$51,500, which will be used towards achieving the school’s vision and objectives, said.  He  advised parents and guardians to sell properties, such as cattle to support their children’s education.  He also advised learners to study harder so that they can become engineers, who can manufacture cars with Namibian names rather than keeping foreign-produced cars, such as Toyota, BMW, among others. “Education is the biggest tool for anyone to become someone in life. Let our learners be married to their books, rather than being married at a young age,” the Governor said.Other pledges to the school include a computer and printer, a cow, three goats and a floating trophy. The total pledges and donations to the school amounted to N$69,472. The principal of Oshikunde Combined School, Hoster Simasiku, explained that the donations will be used to purchase a mini-bus for the school and to buy computers to promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy among learners. “We aim to build a school hall in the next five years and the money donated here today will be invested towards that purpose,” he said. The ceremony was well-attended by members of the community, including parents and learners from the school.
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