• November 21st, 2018
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Party members warned against personal interest

Special Focus, National
Special Focus, National

Keetmanshoop Swapo //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala has warned members of the ruling party to put the party before self-interest. In his opening remarks at the Keetmanshoop Urban district elective congress last Saturday he warned members present to work towards a common goal and to refrain from fighting for personal gain at the expense of the party. He said some members are not working for the greater good of the party, but only to propel themselves into key positions within the party and thus do all they can to achieve their personal goals, which compromises the goals and aspirations of the party as a whole. “Your personal interest should come last, first is the party,” he said. Mumbala also took a swipe at the Keetmanshoop Urban district leaders and party members at the regional office for failing to carry out their duties and responsibilities, which has resulted in a failure to set up structures in time. He said the process of electing the district coordinator and filling other portfolios was supposed to have been finalised already, as there was time to do so since last year, but members are reluctant to set up structures at the lower level as they are too focused on being in the mother body. He urged the members to instead focus on setting up their structures before looking at the mother body as they are derailing the party by failing to put up structures. “You are running to the mother body, let’s clean our house first before we clean other people’s houses,” he said. Following claims of irregularities at the Karasburg East elective congress, Mumbala reminded the members of the importance of the party’s constitution, saying all members should be its custodians so that things are done accordingly, adding “I hope you have put up your structures according to the constitution”. Mumbala called for political maturity from the members, urging them to stop with regionalism, tribalism, infighting and spreading of lies, as such behaviour creates hatred and animosity among party cadre. At the conference Festus Shilimela was elected unopposed as District Coordinator, with Fritz Otto as treasurer and Loide Nakashona as information and mobilisation officer of Keetmanshoop Urban District.
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