• November 18th, 2018
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SPYL in Kavango East unhappy about Ngurare expulsion

Rundu The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) leadership in the Kavango East Region has called on the party’s top leadership to reconsider their decision to expel former SPYL secretary Elijah Ngurare without formulating charges against him. Peter Kashumali, the SPYL regional secretary for information, publicity and mobilisation in the Kavango East Region, says he is disturbed by the sudden dismissal of Dr Elijah Ngurare and felt it was “uncalled for.” “He [Ngurare] was informed about his expulsion while on his way to Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute in Mukwe Constituency of Kavango East Region to conduct a joint leadership seminar of the two Kavango regions, but the seminar could not go ahead as he was suspended on Friday last week,” Kashumali said.  He went on to say youth leaders of SPYL in Kavango East are saddened by recent episodes of infighting and expulsions in the youth wing: “The circulation of retribution, factionalism and hatred politics sponsored by our elders is dangerous.” “It has to be noted that no matter which games are played today in the political arena, the land issue remains a time bomb, which needs to be addressed with sensitivity.” Kashumali said he was speaking on behalf of the Regional Executive Committee of the Kavango East Region, when he told New Era that the news came as a shock to most youth leaders and rank-and-file members: “We were informed that the reason for his expulsion was that he sympathised with the Affirmative Repositioning (AR) group and its agenda on the distribution of land.” A letter addressed to Ngurare on Friday said he was being expelled with immediate effect for “persistent misconduct and violation of the Swapo party constitution… in terms of Chapter III, Article VII (10) of the SWAPO Party constitution.” Kashumali said SPYL members in Kavango East want to know how many times Ngurare appeared before the ruling party’s disciplinary committee and how many warnings he signed. “We feel the disciplinary committee (DC) has been ignored in this case, as it is mandated by the party constitution to handle cases such as this. When we deprive the DC of its duties and functions regarding members who are supposed to appear before the DC, are we not violating the Swapo Party constitution?” Kashumali asked. Kashumali further claimed Ngurare has been encouraging landless people, including the AR leaders, to adhere to the Local Authorities Act of 1992 and the Regional Councils Act of 1992 in acquiring land in urban and rural areas. “Cde Ngurare’s expulsion is unjustifiable… We want the expulsion plan to be abandoned, as the party is not above the rule of natural justice. The expulsion will destroy the party,” he said. “We want the top four [party leaders] to provide leadership and to unify people instead of applying divide and rule tactics,” Kashumali said.
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2015-07-23 10:23:29 3 years ago

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