• November 16th, 2018
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I was not an agent of the SA Apartheid regime

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

I did not and would never have signed a confidentiality agreement that would cause me to trample on my own kith and kin. I sensed that ‘ultra virus’ was written all over that confidentiality agreement! Council members and I are under threat of civil and or legal action, alas. It’s the constitutional right of the council, as the presiding body, as per provisions under the NRU Constitution and Policy Manual, to be informed and for the board to be accountable to council. The least that council members could have done wrong, was maybe to transgress an unwritten ethical code, which in this case is definitely not a crime or basis to institute legal proceedings. “But why not get them into years of litigation with pro bono defence lawyers!” What my instinct tells me is their thinking, but I’m nevertheless not moved. It appears that it’s only at Lichtenstein-Strasse where one can find legal minds. I’m not in defiance of the law, but the law is there for all of us and I solemnly believe and trust our legal system. Our Lord Jesus Christ was also crucified for telling the truth. I do not ask for support neither do I plead for sympathy but pledge to fight for, and support all those board members who tendered their resignation alongside myself, and also the council members who stood up and spoke out against what they believe is wrong. Let the Judases and the Pontius Pilates of the NRU come after me. They may strip the author and his family of every single asset he possesses (and we do not have plenty) but that will not strip the author of telling it like it is, period! At least I know who the instigator is and if you are swallowed, expect to be spat out. We will however consult with our own legal team with counter-suits and or criminal charges likely to be filed. The unfortunate scenario is that names will be revealed while reports to the ethics committees of various professional governing bodies will be submitted. We will embark on a holistic approach on issues as revealed at the press conference, and will not leave out any of these important issues or be selective as it became customary with certain participants to the debate. I know fear and oppression and have first hand experience. I ran for my life in front of bullets from R1 assault rifles at a rally in Katutura. I played rugby on a field surrounded by Caspirs and machine-guns pointing towards us. I was told that the only way for me to become eligible for a spot in the Suidwes span was to join a certain white club at the time. Namibia would be doomed if we had a Commander in Chief who, whilst fighting against the oppressors, was filled with fear! When I saw the back-page picture in the Afrikaans daily on Tuesday my first thought was,”The gods must truly be crazy!” Second thought, lucky me, by resigning just in time, I was spared the immoral act to maybe stand alongside His Excellency the President Dr Hage Geingob, singing “Namibia land of the brave … Freedom fight we have won ...” – knowing that I still feel oppressed by especially my fellow rugby administrators, and I am condoning such a situation. Let me quickly step onto another platform duped ‘perceptions’. Please allow me to refer to SMS messages from readers to the Republikein newspaper with regard to ‘Coloureds and Basters and the so-called gravy train’. To start off, if it was about the gravy train, we would obviously have been naïve or stupid to resign. My wife comforted me with the following remarks: “It is only the Coloureds and Basters that have gotten a gravy train – whites and foreign nationals don’t have one.” But when the gravy train returns, everyone gets off – except for the Coloureds and Basters that have to repair the damage, service the train, do the maintenance and keep it shiny until the next World Cup. She also fails to understand why under the circumstances no mention is ever made of Black people? Or is it perhaps testimony to the last Test match, with only one indigenous Namibian making the starting line-up? Do you still think I’m mingling sports with politics as we were constantly reminded 30 years ago by the late rugby bosses of the time? At least the incumbent NRU president acknowledged that after 25 years of independence this is indeed a sad state of affairs. Contrary to the above sin of council members, the board transgressed its own constitutional responsibility by not notifying the auditors and the AGM (council) of a material breach of the fundamentals of Financial and Accounting Principles, by not disclosing the alleged financial mismanagement to the amount of about N$ 3.5 milllion. Not to mention the alleged unlawful redemption of the NRU voyager miles by the CEO, and the resultant serious breach of trust, coupled with a decision to dismiss the CEO! Public funds are what we are dealing with and not one’s own private and or individual funds or business. This whole saga is so highly impregnated with deceit and untruths and naked lies that I would rather welcome the neutral outsider to distinguish between who to believe and who not. I will however give you a solution. I have a boy called Eddy, 12 years of age. I will give him all facts and request him to challenge the NRU Board must prove him a liar! I will thereafter absolute them. I rest my case.
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2015-07-24 11:50:45 3 years ago

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