• October 21st, 2018
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‘Business is my calling’


Windhoek Four years ago when Matheus Shipanga started selling fruit and snacks in 8ste Laan informal settlement in Otjomuise it was merely to provide for his family. Today, the 32-year old father of two proudly employs one person. Sharing his story with New Era on Monday, Shipanga, who now also has a small barbershop in the same area, says from childhood he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. “When I started my business in 2011 I sold apples and snacks. From the profit I made I was able to start a barbershop two years later because I saw a need for it,” says Shipanga, who hails from Onyaanya in the Oshikoto region. He now spends most of his time at the barbershop, which is known as “Sesa barbershop.” Shipanga has also found a person to run the other business, also located in 8ste Laan informal settlement. “Business is going very well so far. With the profit I make I am able to send money to my children and my mother in the north,” the soft-spoken man says. He estimates that on an ordinary day, he makes up to N$300 just from the barbershop. “Instead of stealing from others it is better for people to trade or work with their hands,” he says, when asked what his message is to other unemployed citizens who just hang around waiting for handouts. “I love selling and working as my own boss. That is what motivated me to start my business,” Shipanga, who also lives in 8ste Laan informal settlement, says.
2015-07-28 10:39:40 3 years ago
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