• November 19th, 2018
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Poly student develops new software

Youth Corner, Education
Youth Corner, Education

  Windhoek Hafeni Immanuel, a Computer Science student at the Polytechnic of Namibia, majoring in Software Development, has developed Learner’s History Keeper (LHK) software to track learners’ behaviour at school. The LHK software is designed to keep a record of the learners’ behaviour in school and to keep parents updated on their children’s behaviour at school. Immanuel says the software gives each learner 100 percent behaviour record, from which points are deducted when a learner does something wrong at school. The percentage deducted depends on what the learner has done. He says for parents to be updated, their phone must be connected to the LHK system. When a leaner’s behaviour is recorded on the system, it automatically sends a message to the learner’s parent’s phone. “This message contains the overall percentage of the learner and summarises the case with a description of his or her child’s behaviour at school. It also lets the user know the learner is already available in the system’s database and shows the learner’s information on an amendment tab, where one can amend the learner’s percentage,” explains Immanuel. He adds that the system allows learners to gain their percentage points back when they behave appropriately. “The system provides a function that allows one to search and amend the learner’s percentages. It also stores the case description and dates automatically for the user and prints the behaviour record when needed as proof and it does not have a limit on the number of learners to track,” he says. So far Immanuel has introduced the system to a few schools, with the Mandume Primary School, the first to introduce it next term. “To the school that I introduced the system, teachers said this software is a relief to them, as this will avoid them being stressed out by learners who do things to impress others,” says Immanuel. This record will be part of the learner’s testimony when going to a different school or institution. “This will get learners to behave well to keep their record clean and not to ruin their admission to a school and institution of their choice, “he says, adding that he has created a lot of software before, including a Human Resources (HR) system. Immanuel will start introducing the software to schools in Windhoek in the coming weeks. “It took me three weeks of sleepless nights coding this software in one of the programming languages” Immanuel concluded. For more information on the LHK software, or if any school is interested in the LHK, Immanuel may be reached at 0816098858.  
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