• September 20th, 2018
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Meet the Lexus RC 350 F-SPORT


  Being an F-Sport, the Lexus RC 350 features an L-mesh grille design. Bold lines flow from the spindle grille across the entire body to create an aggressive appearance. Its spindle grille is the widest and lowest of all Lexus models and is flanked by wide bumper corners and front flares, as well as a low-set bumper peak to emphasise its low centre of gravity. It delivers 233kW of power at 6400rpm and 378Nm of torque at 4800rpm, equating to a 0-100km/h sprint time of 6,3 seconds, topped off by a maximum speed of 230km/h. It produces fuel economy figures of 9.4-litres/100km combined, CO2 emissions of 217g/km and is Euro-5 compliant. RC 350's wheelbase is just 2730mm in an overall length of 4695mm with a roof height of just 1395mm, which highlights the coupe's purposeful and squat stance. On the light front, the Lexus RC 350 has state-of-the-art multi-LED headlamps, tail lamps and fog lamps, as well as LED daytime running lamps (DRLs) for optimal vision and minimal power usage. LED technology is also applied to the high-mount stop lamp, rear licence lamp, turn-signal lamps in the exterior mirrors and puddle lamps on the underside of the door handles. The RC 350 has dual LED headlamps (high and low beam) with three LED lamps arranged in a triangular layout and separate L-shaped DRLs. With reference to the latter, these were kept as thin as possible so as not to jar with the fluid coupe lines. The low-beam lamp also adopts an L-shaped design to immediately express the Lexus identity. The RC 350 F Sport has the added convenience of the Lexus Automatic High Beam (AHB) system – automatically dips for you when an oncoming car is sensed. The combination rear lamps also adopt the Lexus L-shape motif, which is highlighted when the lamp is illuminated. What’s more, the surface of the tail and stop lamps is raised to create a three-dimensional presentation of the L-shaped motif. Much more than just a pretty face, aerodynamic tweaks above and beneath the skin of RC 350 assist handling and complement other systems, including engine cooling. Air ducts, for example, integrated into the corners of the front bumper control airflow to the sides of the body. An aero stabilising guide mounted immediately behind the front bumper diverts airflow entering through the front grille and stabilises it before it enters the radiator to enhance engine cooling efficiency. A front air deflector and groove-shaped front fender liner minimise airflow reaching the front wheels, contributing to aerodynamic efficiency on the side of the vehicle. The rear air deflector performs the same task for the rear wheels, while a bead has been adopted for the rear fender liner to effectively divert airflow generated by the rotating wheel to the outside, which helps optimise airflow through to the rear. Lexus designed the all-alloy 60-degree V6 for a combination of high performance, fuel efficiency, package efficiency, reliability and serviceability, coupled with light weight, low noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), and low emissions. The Lexus RC has all-new, purpose-designed seats and a low hip point to provide an optimum driving position and cosseting atmosphere befitting a modern sports coupe. The silky smooth leather seats incorporate a number of measures to minimise body movement during spirited driving. They have a long cushion length to support the thighs, extensive lumbar support to encourage correct posture and grooves where the hips contact the cushion to prevent sliding. And, rear seat occupants have not been forgotten either. A walk-in function, for example enhances rear seat accessibility - the seat automatically slides forward when the front seat-back is folded via the lever on the shoulder recess, aiding passenger entry and exit. The sharply styled RC F Sport offers a price tag of N$730 900. It comes standard with a four-year / 100 000km Lexus Distance Plan Complete full maintenance plan and features a four-year / 100 000km warranty. Lexus-350-Front
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