• November 21st, 2018
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Pensioner sent to jail for murder

Rundu The Rundu Regional Court recently sentenced Dengeni Jacob Nanyemba, 65, from Kehemu to 13 years’ imprisonment for killing a young woman with a traditional spear. Nanyemba pleaded guilty to the murder, which took place in Kehemu last year. “On 10 February 2014 I acted in the manner as described in the charge preferred against me. I did unlawfully and intentionally kill the said Muronga Nkaira Emerlinde by stabbing her with a traditional spear,” Nanyemba said in Rukwangali. He was arrested last year after he stabbed the victim in an argument. Nanyemba said the young woman insulted him and he decided to hit her with a wooden stick but she overpowered him. He then went to his room, got the spear and stabbed her in the heart. She died on the spot. Nanyemba was brought to trial last Thursday and found guilty . The sentence was handed down the next day, Friday. Magistrate Bongani Ndlovu presided over the case, while Albert Titus prosecuted. Initially the prosecutor Albert asked for 20 years but the magistrate had mercy on the pensioner and jailed him for 13 years. “Ordinarily I would give you 18 years but because of your age I will give you 13 years’ imprisonment,” magistrate Ndlovu said. Nanyemba was represented by Petrus Strauss of Strauss Attorneys in Rundu through the Legal Aid Directorate.
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2015-07-30 10:51:40 3 years ago

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