• November 17th, 2018
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Comedy in the House celebrates one year

Time Out
Time Out

   WINDHOEK Comedy in the House is ‘rounding up’ a full year of existence tonight when the Hilton Kalabar offers its 12th edition of standup-comedy-meets-house-music to audiences. Twelve months of satire, slapstick, deep and not so deep humour, social and political comment and fun have come and gone, with a number of new faces on the comedy circuit experimenting with an art form that is challenging, volatile and rewarding at the same time and creating a niche for themselves. As is the custom – three comedians are called to poke fun at anything that lends itself to ‘humorous exploitation’. Joh White, with five years of active comedy behind him, considers himself a ‘veteran’. Accordingly, he calls his early sketches ‘golden oldies’. What better occasion to take audiences back to the times when the president of Namibia was still a descendent of one of the four O-regions, than this one, the 12th edition of Comedy in the House? Kris with a ‘K’ is a philosopher, who looks at live, people and friends around him critically, but in a philanthropic kind of way: his female friends, who build their existence on high heels, the albino friend who plans to rob the new FNB before doors open to the public and his Arab acquaintance, whose potential plots are even more frightening. Kris with a ‘K’ has the right advice for all these creatures – because he cares for them. Taap is the Guy from next door, the one with the pink suitcase, in which he assembles and carries his ideas and sketches for the next ‘gig’. Taap, at age fifteen, was the youngest ever to win the Last Comic Standing Namibia competition (2012). He was crowned Comedian of the Year 2013 and toured to perform in Los Angeles in 2014. Born from a mixed marriage, Taap analyses the relationships amongst and differences between the various Namibian people. He wishes to use the platform to introduce his new political party – the ‘Panga Clan’.  
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