• November 21st, 2018
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FA and other news

Osire/Waterberg FA is holding a meeting today at 14:00 at the FA hall. Speakers of Standard Bank Namibia, Stanfin and Braazseed will give a speech. For further details contact Anka Visher, Tel 067 306208, hpvisher@iway.na. Summerdown FA is holding a member meeting today 4 at 14:00 at the FA hall. Guest speakers are Mr Marius Cronje of Burgers, Okahandja who will talk about bush processing machinery. Further details from Rienie du Plessis, Tel 081 2852169, rente@iway.na.  Klein Karas FA is hosting the popular Keetmanshoop Winter School on August 5 at 07:00 at the Schützenhaus, Keetmanshoop. The theme is “Back to the basic farm management practices” and speakers are Dr Annemie Louwrens,  Bertus Kruger and Dr Fonnie Bruwer. At the women’s program Sanet Vermeulen from Crown Ministries will talk about entrepreneurship as supplementary income. Louise Campbell will give a report of the SACAU Women’s Conference and Anna van Lill will demonstrate how to lighten up your house or outfit with roses. The day is concluded with a braai and registration is N$300 per person. For further details contact Mr L C van Wyk, Tel 063 262082, 081 2307237, vanwykl@iway.na. Interested parties who want to exhibit their products for men can contact Wouter de Klerk, Tel 063 683764 and those who want to exhibit their products for women can contact Ms Berdine de Klerk, Tel 063 683763, 081 2474469. The annual Karasburg Winter School is being hosted by the Verre Suide FA on August 6 at 07:30 at Warmbad. Speakers on the men’s program are Claude Moller, Dr Fonnie Bruwer, Dr Willie Harris, Bertus Kruger and Frik Jordaan. At the women’s program Jana du Plessis, Julien Harris, Riaan Momberg and Elize Visser are the speakers. Registration is N$250 per person which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. For further details contact Günther von Schauroth, Tel 063 683493, gavonschauroth@iway.na. A cattle information day will be held on August 6 at 09:00 at Farm Neu Otjisauona, Kamab Simbra. For further details, contact Diethelm Metzger, Tel 062 503732, 081 1289017. Bethanie FA is holding a meeting on August 7 at 16:00 at the Bethanie guesthouse. For further details contact Ina de Klerk, Tel 063 683521, ina.deklerk@gmail.com. An urgent Charcoal Meeting for all charcoal producers will be held on August 10 at 08:30 at the Grootfontein Agricultural Office. Speaker is J Hailwa, the Director of Forestry and he will inform the meeting about the stricter charcoal harvest regulations which will be implemented and influence the current situation. For further details contact Willem Enslin, Tel 081 2305078 or Frank Detering, Tel 081 1295904. The Nguni Cattle Breeders Association is hosting a promotion day on August 11 at the Goibib Mountain Lodge between Keetmanshoop and Grunau. Speakers are Bertus Kruger, Kiep Lepen and I Jacobi. For further details contact Gisela Giess, Tel 062 571719, 081 2794066, info@nguni-namibia.org. Omuramba FA is holding a meeting on August 11 at 14:00 at Farm Kroonster at the FA Lapa. For further details contact Lize Engelbrecht, Tel 062 563706, omuramba.bv@gmail.com. Witvlei FA is holding a meeting on August 12 at 14:00 in the farmerhouse at Witvlei. Guest speaker is Chief Inspector du Plessis from the Police. For further details contact Johannie Brenkman, Tel 062 561440, 081 1224178, brenkmanjohannie@gmail.com. Everybody is invited on August 13, 2015 at 09:30 to the annual Bonsmara Breed Promotion Day at the Agra/Bank Windhoek Ring, Windhoek Show grounds. Guest speakers are Mr Wilhelm Mosehuus (Agra Livestock), Johan Mouton (Molatek) and Mr Fourie Scheepers (Bonsmara SA). Entry is free and refreshments will be for sale. For further details and registration contact Marinda Labuschagne at nambons@iway.na or Hella Coetzee at 081 2036484. Grootfontein FA is hosting its annual Harvest Day on August 15 at 10:00 at the Grootfontein Show grounds. The endurance ride and bicycle race start at 08:30. Persons who want to participate can contact Judith Helwig, Tel 081 3451286. At 11:00 a panel discussion will be held to give maize farmers more information on how to adapt with less rainfall. Tiaan of Kokkedore will give a demonstration for the women and children entertainment is also offered. The day is concluded with a dance and braai. Entry fees are N$50 per person and the braai costs N$80 for adults and N$50 for primary school children. For further details contact Willem Enslin, Tel 081 2305078.
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