• November 17th, 2018
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//Kharas stakeholders meet to review Education Act


Keetmanshoop Education directors, inspectors, principals, teachers, parents and other stakeholders met at Keetmanshoop Primary School to review the Education Act of 2001. Speaking at the meeting, the acting regional education director of //Kharas, Jacquiline Jacky Rukamba, said the opportunity to deliberate and debate on the Act is a good platform to have input from different people, which will ensure the Act is in line with the development agenda of the country. She urged all participants to use the occassion to contribute to improving the Namibian education system, adding that the Act should be reviewed to make sure that children are developed as productive citizens, who will contribute to the socio-economic development of the country. “Let us review this Act to ensure we do not educate barbarians but people with discipline and dignity,” she said. Maria Eises, the inspector of education for Ncamagoro circuit, who is part of the steering committee set up by the education ministry to facilitate consultations, explained the need for the Act to be reviewed. She said that as a developing country more is still needed to be changed in terms of policies to get the right recipe for the development agenda towards Vision 2030. Eises said the country’s Acts should be responsive to the needs of Namibian children and it is imperative the Act is reviewed to be on par with current trends. “Is our education system really good in responding to the needs of the Namibian child?” she questioned. In his brief remarks the deputy director of programmes and quality assurance of the //Kharas Regional Council, Petrus David Titus, urged all participants to make meaningful contributions that will improve the education system. Titus said consultation is a democratic process and each and every one is free to make their contribution and not point fingers at the government if there are loopholes in the Act. “We can’t blame the government if we do not put in our contributions,” he added. The consultation meeting was one of many to be held around the country in all 14 regions. Consultations will run until the end of August.
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