• November 19th, 2018
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Hardworking leaders needed in Omaheke

Allow me space in your newspaper to express concern about the slow pace of development in Omaheke Region. We are all aware that towards the end of this year political parties will approach the nation to lobby the nation to vote for them. It is with this concern about the low development in the Omaheke Region that time has long gone for us as youth to tolerate inactive councilors in our region. We can’t accept it anymore to elect leaders who only consider their stomachs, rather than the needs of the community who voted for them. My call to the youth is that the time has come when you will be bought with useless things in order to vote for them. Please, you will need to refrain from this mentality and stand by your right to consider the best candidate of your choice, that you know will bring development to our constituency. I will applaud the councilors for Otjinene, Steinhausen and Aminius. They have done something that we can all see and prove. The question goes to other councilors – for the five years that we have voted you into power, what can you prove to us about what you have done? It is also high time for the youth to refrain from being used for wrong purposes when is election time. You become toys and tools of people, who are fooling you in order to get votes. We would like to see leaders who are acting, not meetings, meetings and meetings. As youth we want to see projects being brought to our constituencies so that poverty can be eradicated in our community. There should be a constituency development committee, of which the councilor will be part and they will have to report to the governor often. We need youth in the constituency structures so that young people’s needs and interests are considered. Omaheke Region is behind in terms of development and as youth we need to come together and consider necessary projects that we think will benefit the youth, and then propose it to the councilor. Maybe the blame for insufficient development in this region might be thrown to us, as we are also inactive. Let’s join hands towards development of our region. Tshepo Katjingurukee Mutenge Youth activist
New Era Reporter
2015-08-07 11:53:46 3 years ago

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